New JNJ KLK2 CAR-T (JNJ-75229414) Ph1 Trial in mCRPC Posted; Priti Hegde Joins TCR2 Tx’s Board of Directors

On Thursday, August 26, a new Janssen-sponsored Ph1 trial evaluating JNJ-75229414 (KLK2 CAR-T) in metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) was observed on CT.gov. On the same day, TCR2 Tx announced (press release) the appointment of Priti Hegde to its Board of Directors. Below, Celltelligence provides further details on JNJ-75229414’s clinical trial, the potential challenges JNJ (Janssen) may encounter targeting a solid tumor indication, how a CAR-T product could fit into JNJ’s prostate portfolio, and how Priti Hegde’s appointment could accelerate TCR2 Tx’s development of TRuC-T cells.

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